Microplate Readers

Validation & Compliance (QA/QC) for Microplate Analysis

Data generated on microplate readers is often used to make critical scientific and business decisions across many industries including pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food, and water safety. Because these areas of research are so critical to the health and welfare of humans, it is important to verify that the microplate reader hardware and software are producing accurate results.

Microplate readers from Molecular Devices are designed to provide consistent performance for many years, but in keeping with best practices, instrument performance should be regularly validated and documented. We provide validation documentation for software and hardware, as well as absorbance, fluorescence, and luminescence detection test tools with its SpectraTest® brand. For microplate readers, the SpectraTest line of validation packages provide automated and comprehensive validation of a microplate reader's optical performance, which are a key component of the IQOQPQ guidelines.

In addition, extensive software validation packages are designed to help researchers achieve GLP- and GMP-compliance by allowing them to validate the built-in calculations in SoftMax® Pro GxP Software, as well as their own custom formulas.

What's New?
What's New?

Easy Validation of Luminescence Detection Mode with the new SpectraTest LM1 Validation Plate. Learn more.