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SpectraMax L Luminescence Microplate Reader

High sensitivity glow and flash luminescence detection from an upgradeable platform, offering up to six times the throughput of conventional microplate readers.

Designed for maximum detection sensitivity, the SpectraMax® L Microplate Reader limits the crosstalk between samples with an internal aperture for use with standard 96- and 384-well microplates. In conjunction with ultra-fast photon counting technology, the SpectraMax L Reader delivers a superior signal-to-noise ratio for luminescence. Extended over 9 orders of magnitude, the dynamic range of simultaneous photon counting and analog detection allows for capturing luminescence from dim samples while helping to avoid saturation from brighter samples that is unmatched by other microplate readers.

The SpectraMax L Microplate Reader is an upgradeable platform that can be added to over time, available with one or more luminescence detectors, enabling higher throughput configurations compared to single detector microplate readers. Optional injectors offer the capability to perform fast flash assays in addition to the more stable glow assays. These next generation injectors have a significantly extended lifetime over traditional syringe injectors. The precise dual injectors and detection sensitivity make the SpectraMax L Microplate Reader ideal for widely used dual luciferase reporter gene assays and carries the Promega DLReady certification.

Additional filters can be user-installed for Bioluminescence Resonance Energy Transfer (BRET) assays on multiple-detector SpectraMax L Microplate Reader systems.

Table 1. Six times the throughput with the SpectraMax L Microplate Reader. Estimated times to read a typical dual luciferase assay with different configurations. Total time includes significant delay and settling times in addition to injection and read times.


Number of Detectors

Minutes to Read a 96-Well Plate

Total Plates Read in 8 Hours











The SpectraMax L Microplate Reader is supplied with SoftMax® Pro Software, Molecular Devices' industry leading all-in-one data acquisition and analysis software. Additionally, the SpectraMax L Microplate Reader can be seamlessly integrated with the StakMax® Microplate Handling Stacker through the SoftMax Pro Software.

High Performance Luminescence Detection

  • Measure to assay lower limits with high sensitivity luminescence detection down to 0.2 fg firefly luciferase (glow) or 20 amol ATP (flash).
  • Read both 96- and 384-well plates with the lowest crosstalk for better signal discrimination with manual or automatic optical aperture switching.
  • Capture the full range of an assay by extending the measurable dynamic range to 9 orders of magnitude with simultaneous photon counting and analog detection.

Upgradeable Options

  • Higher sample throughput enabled by multiple detector configurations.
  • Perform dual luciferase reporter gene assays with dual injector system, capable of reading even very fast flash assays like acridinium esters.
  • Measure BRET assays with user-installed filters for separating wavelength peaks.
  • Upgrade your instrument to meet changing laboratory needs on your schedule by adding detectors or injectors after purchase.

A Complete System

  • Monitor temperature-sensitive reactions with consistent temperature regulation from ambient to 45°C.
  • Thoroughly mix samples in microplate wells by user-programmable Automix feature with 4 proprietary mixing modes.
  • Save on injector maintenance with advanced peristaltic injectors that require less maintenance than traditional syringe injection systems and include an auto-rinse at shutdown.

Comprehensive Reader Validation

Molecular Devices microplate readers have the most variety of tools available for users to meet their diverse hardware and software validation needs. Molecular Devices provides complete solutions with:

Ready for Automation

  • Seamless automation coupling with the StakMax Microplate Handling Stacker, Molecular Devices' own integrated microplate stacker designed exclusively for the SpectraMax Readers.
  • No physical modifications required to the automation-compatible design of the reader for integration into automated platforms. Molecular Devices' readers have been integrated into all major automation platforms.
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