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Gemini Fluorescence Microplate Readers

Applications using fluorescence intensity (FI) detection in a microplate format have greatly expanded over the last two decades.

Molecular Devices has years of expertise in developing microplate reader technology, introducing its first microplate reader in 1986. Since then, the instruments have continued to evolve in performance, reliability, and sensitivity. Molecular Devices introduced its first fluorescence-based microplate reader in 2000 with the Gemini brand.  Patented technologies such as the dual monochromators and AutoPMT Optimization System enable higher quality results. Systems are equipped with wavelength scanning for finding the optimal excitation and emission assay settings, and are capable of reading relative fluorescence values over a greater dynamic range.

Today, the Gemini EM™ and Gemini XPS™ Fluorescence Microplate Readers are being used in biochemical and cell-based assays such as fluorescent ELISAs, protein and nucleic acid quantitation, reporter gene, cell viability and proliferation, and cytotoxicity assays.

We provide fluorescence instruments, software and equipment. Please use the links below to learn more about how we can support the success of your fluorescence microplate detection efforts.

Our Difference

Automation: Our instruments offer built-in automation or are compatible with solutions from automation partners.

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