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Molecular Devices Absorbance Microplate Readers

Absorbance detection in microplate readers has been used in life science research for more than 30 years. Measuring how much light is absorbed by a sample within a microplate well allows researchers to monitor biological or chemical processes that occur in everyday life, which makes absorbance detection an important element in the study of biological processes and disorders. Absorbance microplate readers are used in a wide range of applications from drug discovery research to quality testing.

Molecular Devices has years of expertise in developing microplate reader technology, introducing its first microplate reader in 1986. Since then, the instruments have continued to evolve in performance, reliability, and sensitivity. Molecular Devices offers a range of absorbance readers including instruments under its well-established SpectraMax brand. Patented technologies, such as PathCheck® Pathlength Measurement technology and tunable monochromators, enable researchers more flexibility, sensitivity, and ease-of-use for the broadest range of assays. Many of the systems also include the ability to read cuvettes, 96- and 384-well plates, gather data over time (kinetic assays) and across a wavelength spectra, and program wavelength selection in the UV and visible spectrum.

Molecular Devices absorbance readers are ideal for ELISA, nucleic acid quantitation (DNA, RNA), protein quantitation, cell viability and proliferation, cytotoxicity, endotoxin, and many other absorbance detection assays.

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