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Single-Mode Microplate Readers

Single-mode microplate readers are used in basic and applied research across many disciplines-from process quality control to early drug discovery research for diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular and metabolic illnesses, and central nervous system disorders. Depending on the identified sample targets and complexity of interactions, researchers could require two or more detection modes to perform their investigational studies.

Our microplate readers can detect many common biological and biochemical microplate-based assays, including ELISAs, nucleic acid quantitation, protein quantitation, enzymatic activity, and cell signaling. We offer a range of single-mode readers, covering all common detection modes:

Absorbance detection measures how much light is absorbed by a sample. Absorbance-based detection has been commonly used to assess changes in color or turbidity, allowing for widespread use including ELISAs, protein quantitation, endotoxin assays, and cytotoxicity assays.  With absorbance readers that are capable of measuring in the ultraviolet (UV) range, the concentration of nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) can be found using their molar extinction coefficients.

Fluorescence intensity (FI) detection uses an external light source to excite molecules (fluorophores), which then emit light of a different wavelength. The emitted light is then captured and analyzed to quantitate changes in the fluorophores.  Fluorescence intensity is used widely in applications not limited to fluorescent ELISAs, protein assays, nucleic acid quantitation, reporter gene assays, cell viability, cell proliferation, and cytotoxicity. 

Luminescence detection relies on the production of light from a chemical reaction in a sample.  The highly efficient conversion of chemical energy to light has been used in reporter gene assays, aequorin GPCR, and secreted luciferase assays, to name a few.

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