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SpectraMax Time Resolved Fluorescence Detection Cartridge

The Time Resolved Fluorescence Detection Cartridge is the benchmark against which all other readers will be measured. Built to measure Europium and Samarium, it is ideal for your protein-protein interaction, GPCR and enzyme activity applications.

Key Applications

  • cAMP Quantitation
  • Immunoassays
  • GTP Binding
  • Apoptosis
  • GPCR Ligand Binding

Key Fluorophores

  • Europium Chelates
  • Samarium Chelates


Technical Specifications

Time Resolved Fluorescence  Guaranteed*     Optimized     

96-well (200 µL)

10.0 amol 2.5 amol
384-well (75 µL) 5.0 amol 1.0 amol
1536-well (8 µL) 1.5 amol 0.6 amol

* For properly functioning, operated and maintained equipment.

Cartridge Details

Part No. 0200-7008
Mounting Top or bottom read
Cartridge Size 1 position
Light Source High-powered LED
Wavelength-tuned excitation 370/80 nm
Wavelength-tuned emission 616/10 nm
642/10 nm