Microarray Scanners & Slide Loaders

GenePix SL50 Automated Slide Loader

Delivers automatic slide handling for GenePix 4300/4400 Scanners to support high-volume laboratory environments

High-precision robotic operation ensures careful transfer and safe positioning of your precious microarray slides. The entire system fits easily on a standard laboratory bench top and provides simple robotic or manual scanning of slides. The removable slide cassettes, each holding up to 25 slides, facilitate a convenient, versatile workflow. Simply fill your cassettes with slides, load the cassettes, configure your scan parameters, press start, and walk away. This system won't limit your science.

The typical GenePix® Microarray Scanner flexibility allows you to configure scanning and analysis of one slide or many, whether they are all alike or each is different. The slide loader accommodates low- and high-density; opaque, mirrored, or translucent; plastic or glass; commercial or homebrew slides.  

The GenePix® SL50 Automated Slide Loader, the GenePix® 4300 or 4400 Microarray Scanners, and GenePix® Pro Acquisition and Analysis Software have been designed to work together as a fully integrated platform. The seamless communication among scanner, slide loader, and software ensures unmatched efficiency for data acquisition and analysis, as well as for real-time performance monitoring.


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  • Be More Productive: The fully automated slide handling for an unattended microarray workflow enables you to use your time more productively. The system automatically loads and unloads up to 50 slides to your GenePix® 4300 or GenePix® 4400 Microarray Scanners.
  • Easy to Integrate Slide Storage: Each system is supplied with two easy-to-load cassettes, each with 25 slide capacity. The injection molded cassettes are solvent resistant and non-abrasive. They feature an effective retaining design which allows the slides to be carried safely in a laboratory environment.
  • Always Know the Status: Sensors in the slide cassette enclosure always sense the presence and absence of cassettes and provide feedback to you. A graphical display in the software immediately informs you about the status of the cassettes if the rack position has been changed. The utmost sensing technology detects and maps the microarray slides in the cassettes. Movement stall detection on every axis provides an added layer of security to maintain slide and workflow integrity.
  • Protect your Slides: The environmental control helps maximize the validity of experimental results. The design of the enclosure ensures light-protection to minimize light exposure during storage. The Luer port on the slide cassette enclosure enables purging the external storage system with inert gas or ozone-depleted air to control dye damaging effects of ozone or humidity*.
  • Never Lose Touch with Your Slides: The robotic gripper senses the presence or absence of slides and confirms that the slide has been reliably transferred from the cassette to the scanner and then back to the cassette. The precise and careful positioning (nudging) technology verifies placement in the six-point slide-holder and safe return into the cassettes.
  • *Systems for ozone-depletion are not available from Molecular Devices.