Microarray Scanners & Slide Loaders

GenePix 4300A & 4400A Microarray Scanners

Setting the Standard for High Resolution, High Uniformity, and Sample Type Flexibility

The industry's premier microarray scanner manufacturer, Molecular Devices, established an exceptional reputation with the GenePix® Microarray Scanner Systems. The GenePix® 4300A & 4400A Microarray Scanners were developed with input from academic leaders in the field of microarray research and our 25 years of experience in building high-precision, low-noise detection systems. Additionally, the GenePix® 4300A and 4400A Microarray Scanners have the same elegant, efficient, and functional design our customers have come to expect from our award-winning team.

The GenePix® 4300A & 4400A Microarray Scanners set the highest standards for microarray instrumentation with their powerful set of new and enhanced features designed for unsurpassed resolution, superior performance, and multispectral imaging in today's life sciences labs.

An ideal balance of powerful and flexible features provides the best benefits for a broad variety of microarray applications. Together with GenePix® Pro Software , you have a well-rounded system for acquisition and analysis of microarray images.


High-resolution for High-density Microarrays:

  • Upgrade for the Future: While the GenePix® 4300A Microarray Scanner has a maximum resolution of 5µm per pixel; it can be upgraded to 2.5 micron per pixel resolution at any time. So you have the option to match the scanner resolution as your microarray research requirements advance.
  • Full Flexibility in Choosing Dyes: With up to four internal solid-state diode and gas lasers, the scanner is a remarkably compact bench-top unit. The laser flexibility and choice of up to 12 user-accessible emission filters allow you to select your dyes from a broad variety of fluorophores for your assay (CyTM3 and CyTM5 dyes, Fluorescein, GFP, Texas Red, Alexa Fluor® dyes, or quantum dots.
  • Trust your Microarray Signals: with outstanding positional performance and uniformity, the GenePix® 4300 and 4400 Microarray Scanners allow you to perform the most demanding application, like latest generation NimbleGen® arrays or array CGH experiments. Specified and tested for a field uniformity of +/- 2%, these scanners resolve a spatial frequency of 200 line pairs per millimeter (LPPM), and feature a contrast ratio (CTF) of least 50% at the highest resolution.
  • Less Noise in Your Data: Get unparalleled signal-to-noise (SNR) performance. GenePix® Microarray Scanners uses only the best components, like low-noise digitizer and photomultiplier tube (PMT), highest quality optical filters and sensors to reduce scattered light. Together these improvements reduce the noise to a minimum and increase the sensitivity. Unparalleled sensitivity also enables the use of lower laser power settings, which significantly reduces any perceived degradation of your dyes.
  • Less Breakable Components: Your microarray is safe in our scanner. With the newly designed six-point-slide holder, we exclusively rely on high-precision machining to eliminate fallible components as commonly used in dynamic autofocus systems.
  • Designed for High Duty-Cycle Usage: Improved high duty-cycle motors ensure maximum translation and focus motor lifetime. The new patent pending voice coil was designed to minimize vibration and optimize heat dissipation.
  • The GenePix 4400A Microarray Scanner is capable of scanning at a user-defined optical pixel resolution between 2.5 and 100 micron per pixel - allowing you to scan the highest-density microarrays on the market.