Microarray Scanners & Slide Loaders

Slide Microarray Providers for GenePix Scanners

The table below provides an overview of microarray slide providers and indicates which microarrays are compatible with our GenePix® Family of Microarray Scanners.

Array Types

  • Genomic
  • Protein
  • Tissue
  • Cell 

Genomic Microarrays


Supplier Applications Array Name Compatible
Agilent Technologies      Gene Expression SurePrint G3 Yes
CGH SurePrint G3 Yes
Chromatin IP 4 x 44K; 8x15K; 144K Yes
MicroRNA 4 x 44K; 8x15K; 144K Yes
DNA Methylation 4 x 44K; 8x15K; 144K Yes
Custom 4 x 44K; 8x15K; 144K Yes
Applied Biosystems   Gene Expression   No - chemiluminescent
Gene Expression   No - chemiluminescent
Gene Expression   No - chemiluminescent
ArrayIT    Gene Expression H25K Human Genome Yes
CGH CGH Microarray Yes
  Discover Chips Yes
  Checkit chips Yes
BioCat GMbH Micro RNA GenoExplorer Yes
BlueGnome CGH  Cytochip Yes
Combimatrix    Gene Expression CustomArray 12K Yes Not 4100A!
CGH CustomArray 4x2K Yes Not 4100A!
MicroRNA CustomArray 90K Yes Not 4100A!
Influenza   Yes Not 4100A!
Empire Genomics  CGH Human ACCUarray Yes
ChIP Mouse ACCUarray Yes
  Custom Array Yes
ExonHit Therapeutics RNA Splicing Analysis SpliceArray No (Affymetrix chip)
Exiqon micro RNA miRCURY LNA Yes
Febit  Expression Geniom No Specific Format
miRNA Geniom No Specific Format
Invitrogen   Gene Expression Ncode Yes. Gal files supplied
CGH   Yes. Gal files supplied
micro RNA   Yes. Gal files supplied
Illumina  SNP Genotyping Bead Array No - needsa glass cutter!
Expression VeraCode DASL No - needsa glass cutter!
Microarrays, Inc  Gene Expression ReadyArray, OpArray, PathArray Yes
Miltenyi Biotech  Expression PIQOR Yes (currently avail in Europe only)
miRNA miXPlore Yes (currently avail in Europe only)
Nimblegen Systems Inc.      Gene Expression   Yes (16-μm features)
CGH Arrays   Yes (16-μm features)
Tiling Arrays   Yes (16-μm features)
Chromatin IP   Yes (16-μm features)
DNA Methylation   Yes (16-μm features)
Sequencing (SNPs)   Yes (16-μm features)
OGT  CGH CytoSure Yes
Custom   Yes
Phalanx Biotech  (OGT)   Gene Expression OneArray Yes
micro RNA
Signature Genomics CGH SignaturechipOS Service only
Spectral Genomics  (PE) CGH ConstitutionalChip Yes


Protein Microarrays


Supplier Applications Array Name Compatible
ArrayIT Antibody Arrays PlasmaScan Yes
Biolegend (Quansys Biosciences)  Cytokine Q-Plex Yes? (IR) No (chemiluminescence)
Chemokine Li-Cor Yes? (IR) No (chemiluminescence)
Eppendorf Array Technologies  Transcription Factors TF Chip No - Silverquant Detection
GMO Dual Chip No - Silverquant Detection
Invitrogen Multiple ProtoArray Yes
Illumina Multiple Veracode No
JPT Peptide Technologies    Peptide PepStar Peptide Microarrays Yes
Phosphatase Phosphatase Peptide Microarrays
Kinase Kinase Peptide Microarrays
Protease Protease Peptide Microarrays Yes
MicroBioChips   Antibody   Yes
Cytokine   Yes
Cell signalling   Yes
Pepperprint Peptide PepperChip Yes
Protein Biotechnologies Clinical tissue extracts SomaPlex Yes (but also colorimetric)
Pierce (Thermo) Human Angiogenesis ExcelArray Yes 
Raybiotech Human Cytokine RayBio Yes
Sigma-Aldrich      Cell signalling Panorama Yes (membrane on glass)
Gene regulation   Yes (membrane on glass)
MAPK & PKC   Yes (membrane on glass)
Cancer   Yes (membrane on glass)
p53   Yes (membrane on glass)
Tissue extract   Yes (membrane on glass)
US Biomax  Cytokine   Yes
Antibody Arrays   Yes
Whatman (GE Healthcare) Serum biomarkers   Yes (membrane on glass)


Tissue Microarrays


Supplier Applications Array Name Compatible
BioCat GmbH Custom Production   Yes (if fluorescent detection)
US Biomax Many   Yes (if fluorescent detection)
Ray Biotech Cancer   Yes 


Cell Microarrays


Supplier Applications Array Name Compatible
BioCat GmbH Human or Mouse   Yes
EMD Several lines Calbiochem InnoCyte No Plate Reader


Please note: GenePix Microarray Scanners are not compatible with Affymetrix slides.