High Content Screening

ImageXpress Velos for ultrafast whole-well scanning analysisImageXpress Velos Laser Scanning Cytometer

fast-scan, whole-well analysis under 3 minutes

The ImageXpress® Velos Cytometer is ideally suited for capturing rare events from a variety of heterogeneous samples including large volumes of beads or cells, cell colonies, tissue samples, or even micro-array slides. In addition to multiplexing, the cytometer supports label-free light scattering and fluorescence anisotropy measurements. Image acquisition and data analysis occurs simultaneously at high speed to provide "on-the-fly" high throughput image analysis.

  • Fast and high throughput analysis of objects plated on any clear bottom microplate in <3 minutes.  With automation it can be configured to acquire in excess of 150,000 wells in an 8 hour day
  • Whole well scanning gathers data from large fields-of-view and sufficient objects for statistical validity.  Reduces the number of cells used as compared to standard microplate readers.
  • Large depth of field (+/- 200 microns) eliminates focus steps during acquisition and provides easy imaging of large objects such as 3D cell cultures, mammospheres or zebrafish embryos.
  • Patented confined detection region reduces background from out of focus fluorescence and enables homogeneous / no-wash fluorescence assays like cell surface marker detection (e.g., E-cadherin), fluorescent ligand-receptor interactions, or antibody discovery.
  • Anisotropy detection mode enables solution and bead fluorescent polarization assays as well as simplified live cell FRET assays.  
  • Laser scatter mode for label-free detection of cells when intervening with dyes is not acceptable, for example in quality control of sterile cell cultures.
  • Microplate-based environment streamlines evaluation of both adherent and suspension cells and eliminates separation steps for adherent cells or colonies often required for flow cytometry or other non-plate based systems.
  • On-the-fly analysis enables users to simultaneously acquire, count, and measure objects so that results are available at the end of each scan.
  • Robust, simple, and fast object detection means no microscopic imaging experience is required for setup making it easy for anyone in the lab to establish and run assays. 
  • Cell-by-cell and well-by-well results of object intensity, area, and shape are generated during each scan, allowing easy classification and gating of objects to streamline your work flow.
  • Output data in a variety of formats (.csv, .txt, .fcs) for easy downstream analysis and manipulation in a variety of software packages including FACS software.
  • MDCStore™ Data Management Solution compatible files facilitate analysis with MetaXpress® and AcuityXpress™ Software for quantifying objects like zebrafish embryos or enterprise level data visualization and trend analysis.