High Content Screening

High content confocal imaging system with high z-stack resolution flexibility, for high content screening, high content analysis, high throughput imagingImageXpress Ultra Confocal High Content Screening System

True point-scanning confocal

ImageXpress® Ultra System offers the ultimate solution when crisp, clear images are a priority. Under control of state-of-the-art MetaXpress® Software, research-quality images of fixed- or live-cell assays are captured with the best possible resolution. Diverse samples can be imaged with excellent signal-to-noise, even when there is a high background, as in homogeneous, no wash assays, or when samples are thick such as tissue sections or neurons growing in matrix.

  • True laser scanning confocal system ensures a diverse set of samples can be imaged with excellent signal-to-noise ratio.
  • Software configurable detection pinhole provides two orders of magnitude of Z-resolution flexibility (<1 um to > 100 um) over fixed pinhole confocal systems. 
  • Simultaneous or sequential scanning with up to 4 solid state lasers facilitates simultaneous acquisition for optimal speed performance (up to 4 times faster) or unique sequential scanning in combination with high resolution z-offset to correct for objective lens induced chromatic aberrations.
  • Fully automated 100 nm resolution voice coil driven stages provide positioning accuracy to capture intricate sub-cellular features as well as monitor long structures, such as neurons, across high resolution tiled or stitched images.
neuron outgrowth imaging using high content confocal microscopy Images of Neurons were acquired and tiled from 6 sites.  Each site is a long scan to capture a larger area.  Note that the neurites perfectly align across mutiple sites for easy quatification with our software algorithms.


  • Software configurable field-of-view simplifies imaging of large objects like model organisms (c. elegans and zebrafish) and long structures similar to neuronal processes.  
long continuous scanning from high content confocal microscopy system

Long scan of cells stained with a cytosolic marker (green) and nucle (red).  With a 20X objective scan lengths of up to 25.6 mm are possible


  • Industry-leading autofocus option provides fast, reliable focusing with a dedicated 690 nm focus laser and ultra-fast sensors that will not bleach your sample while decreasing read times up to 5-fold.
  • Custom design for screening enables capturing 25,000 wells per day in a 384-well microplate assay with a two color high quality assay (e.g., Transfluor ® beta-arrestin translocation assay). Lower resolution assays can be performed in excess of 100,000 wells / day.
  • 4-position automated objective changer eliminates manual objective changes and allows automated switching of magnifications during a single experiment. 
  • Universal plate holder facilitates image acquisition using any clear bottom plate from 6-well to 1536-well, in standard height, low profile, or low volume.
  • Walk-away, 24/7 automation is achieved with the Thermo CRS CataLyst Express robotic plate handling system, enabling users to schedule multiple runs of one to three batches of 15 plates.