High Content Screening

Options for ImageXpress Micro High Content Screening System

Transmitted light, environmental control, and fluidics modules

The ImageXpress Micro System not only provides the best-in-class image resolution and throughput to meet your robust assay demand, the instrument is modular and flexible with several configurable options. Its modular design enables configuration at time of purchase or systems can be upgraded in the field at any time.
Explore each tab below or talk to a specialist today to see which option is best suited for your research.

Transmitted Light Options

The ImageXpress® Micro System enables contrast imaging of unstained samples to monitor cells that may be overly sensitive to the effects of fluorescent labels or need to be monitored over time without intervention. Two available options, Phase Contrast or Brighfield Only, can be used to scrutinize cell quality before and after biochemical assays, or combined with fluorescent applications and environmental control to examine multiple parameters at once.


  • Phase optics enables high contrast, label-free cellular imaging to be performed at a variety of magnifications (4x -60x).
  • Brightfield only option can be used with any objective lenses offered and is ideal for non-fluorescent histochemically stained samples.
  • Overlay fluorescent images on unstained images gives the user another fluorophore independent visualization of cell morphology


  • Nikon 100w Pillar Diascopic Illuminator with TE-C ELWD Condenser
    • The condenser is 0.3NA with 65 mm WD and PhL, Ph1, and Ph2 selectable phase rings
  • Phase Contrast option is compatible with Environmental Control, but not with Fluidics Option
  • Brightfield Only option comes standard with Environmental Control and Fluidics Option
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