High Content Screening

widefield high content microscopy system for high content screening, high throughput screening, live cell imaging, automated imaging.ImageXpress Micro XLS Widefield High Content Screening System

Flexibility. Speed. Quality.

The ImageXpress® Micro XLS System is a widefield high content microscope capable of providing automated cellular imaging in fluorescent, transmitted light, and phase-contrast modes for fixed- or live-cell assays. 

Flexibility, speed and quality are assured with 3X field-of-view, industry-leading stage and autofocus control, a broad range of research-grade objective lenses available, multiple filter options, and a gallery of MetaXpress Software solutions to optimize and speed up image analysis. A modular system design enables instrument enhancements for assays ranging from simple label-free imaging to long-term monitoring of cellular responses, compound addition and post-wash recovery. Individual cells can be tracked during multi-day time-lapse experiments.

An integrated solution to your high content screening workflow

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  • 3X larger field-of-view than industry standard, enabling fewer images per well and shorter imaging time.
  • Wide selection of objectives ranging from 1x to 100x, 0.05 to 0.95 NA for air and 1.4 NA for oil
  • Fully automated 100 nm resolution voice coil driven stages provide positioning accuracy for capturing high-resolution tiled or stitched images, minimizing X-Y stage jitter and ensuring repeatability of extended live-cell experiments

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Hela Cells Plated on 96-well plates and treated with 100 um Etoposide.  Each well of plate was visited before returning to first well. Watch the 30 hour movie to see an increase in the number of dead and apoptosing cells. Blue = Hoechst for all Nuclei; Red = Propidium Iodide for Dead Cells; Green = Nucview488 a fluorescence substrate for Caspase 3 and an apoptosis sensor.  Overlayed on a phase contrast image. 
  • Industry-leading autofocus option with a dedicated 690 nm focus laser and ultra-fast sensors that will not bleach your sample, decreasing read times up to 5-fold
  • Highthroughput screening captures > 10 million cells/hour in a low-resolution, whole-well, 3 color cell scoring application, or > 1 million cells/hour in a high resolution two-color assay
  • Automated 5 position filter cube changer facilitates multiplex assays.  Combined with the automated objective changer, single experiments with up to five filter sets and four objectives can be performed with out user intervention
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A 5-color assay achieved with multiple filters. Mouse embryo sections  Blue = DAPI, Green = FITC, Red = TRITC, Orange = Cy5

  • Modular design to allow transmitted light, phase contrast, environmental control, fluidics, light source and external filter wheel selection.  Learn more about options and flexibility of the ImageXpress Micro XLS system.
  • Universal plate holder provides most extensive sample compatibility, from slides to plates (6- to 1536-well), thin to thick plate bottoms, glass to plastic, transwell, low profile, or low volume.
  • Integrated automation, 24/7 is achieved with 3rd party robotic plate handling system, enabling users to schedule multiple runs.