FLIPR High Throughput Cellular Screening

G-Coupled Receptor (GPCR ) Cell Lines & Membrane Preparations

ChanTest Corporation's extensive portfolio of stable GPCR cell lines, cell membranes for binding studies, and cyropreserved growth arrested cell lines are available from Molecular Devices, Inc.  Cell lines are validated for structure, function and pharmacology and performance characterized.  Cells are available as division-arrested frozen cells, replicating cell lines or as membrane preparations.

Replicating Cell Lines

ChanTest has developed an extensive catalog of GPCR expressing cell lines for drug discovery applications.  Cells are validated for structure, function, and pharmacology.  Cell line performance is characterized using common read-outs.


EZCells™ DA are validated, ready-to-use division-arrested cells that eliminate the need for lengthy pre-assay cell culture and processing.  Like any reagent, EZCells are used once and discarded.  Simply thaw, grow overnight, and run assays the next day.  Uncouple cell culture from the screening process.  EZCells are idea for screening or profiling studies and are batch-validated for consistent results.  EZCells eliminates the need to maintain large numbers of cell lines.  Purchase only what you need - when you need them.  Cryopreserved in single-use vials, EZCells are fully functional and ready to use in screening and profiling assays.   

Membrane Preparations

ChanTest's membranes are isolated from stable cell lines and processed by traditional mechanical homogenization (e.g., Polytron) or by nitrogen decompression (Parr bomb), a gentle and highly efficient method for producing high-quality membranes.  Membrane preparations are quality-controlled by radioligand binding, frozen and shipped on dry ice.