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ClonePix cell line development
CloneSelect Imager label-free imaging

Screening and selection of mammalian clones

ClonePixTM systems

Screen more clones in less time compared to limiting dilution methods. Precisely select optimal cell lines.
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Objective, quantitative assessment of cell growth

CloneSelectTM Imager

Replace time-consuming, subjective manual inspections of growth in microplates.
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 QPix microbial colony picking

 CellReporter cell-based assays bead-based assays

Unmatched for productivity and performance

QPix systems

Unique option to simultaneously detect colonies and quantify fluorescent markers with a picking efficiency of >98% sets QPix apart
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Quantify biology on a multi-application platform


Advance from a plate reader - high quality data for cell-based and bead-based assays.
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