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Digidata 1550 Digitizer - Product ImageAxon Digidata® 1550 System

A low-noise data acquisition system for electrophysiology

The Axon Digidata® System is the most widely used for a wide variety of electrophysiology recordings in laboratories worldwide. The Digidata 1550 Digitizer further extends the precision and quality of the existing Axon Digitizer platform with enhanced performance in command voltage output control and sampling rate. It enables the recording of up to 8 cells simultaneously to study the function of neuronal networks in your neuroscience research. It also achieves a high-resolution data acquisition by capturing more data point in less time in your ion channel research.


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Traces from Axon Digidata 1550 System

Traces recorded on Axon Digidata 1550 Digitizer

The Axon Digidata® 1550 Digitizer is a low-noise high-resolution 16-bit data acquisition system for electrophysiology recordings. It is self-contained and communicates with the host computer via a USB 2.0 interface for extremely easy installation and set-up. Designed for fast results, the Digidata 1550 Digitizer comes with AxoScope software for Microsoft Windows OS and is ready to acquire data immediately after installation. Absolutely no programming is necessary.

The Digidata 1550 Digitizer features a maximum sampling rate of 500 kHz per channel, with an outstanding total data throughput rate of 4 mega-samples per second. This enables you to capture even the fastest signals in the biorelevant frequency range. Both the inherent digitizer noise and channel crosstalk noise are rated at less than ±1 mV average p-p at 10 kHz, within a ±10 V input range, making the Digidata 1550 System one of the quietest digitizers on the market.

For intuitive set-up, the front panel is clearly laid out with eight analog input channels and eight analog output channels, eight general digital outputs, one dedicated digital output to trigger devices such as oscilloscopes, as well as trigger inputs to start acquisition and to tag data. The back panel has four additional analog instrument telegraph inputs, as well as a DB-25 connector for the digital outputs. With its USB 2.0 interface, you can easily connect the Digidata 1550 Digitizer to a laptop computer without the need for a peripheral PC card.

Designed to support continuous data acquisition within a multitasking operating system, the Digidata 1550 Digitizer is fully compatible with the included AxoScope 10.4 Software for Microsoft Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit) and the optional pCLAMP Software for Windows.


Digidata 1550 Digitizer

A low-noise digitizer

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