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Axoporator 800A Electroporator - Product ImageAxon Axoporator 800A Electroporator

The world's first commercially available single-cell electroporator represents the convergence of biophysics, cell biology, and molecular biology.

The Axoporator® 800A Electroporation System, a dedicated single-cell electroporation system that makes it possible to electroporate individually targeted cells. Provides precise control of voltage pulse and train parameters, resulting in optimized targeted delivery of ions or small molecules into a select number of cells in culture, in tissue or in vivo.


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This product is sold under license from Cellectricon, AB

  • Ready to use. No computer is necessary. A microscope, a micromanipulator, and a source of micropipettes are everything needed to complete the system.
  • Small footprint for easy positioning near the microscope
  • Three different pulse types, configurable in either polarity, ensure the optimal waveform for your application:
  • Rectangular "square"
  • Bipolar
  • Bilevel: a special pulse that has been demonstrated to effectively and efficiently deliver genes as large as 14 kb into a cell
  • Pulse trains for greatest flexibility of the voltage waveform
  • Automatic and manual counters simplify tracking the number of electroporation commands.
  • Voltage range up to 100 V provides the optimal voltage for single-cell electroporation, which can be up to several tens of volts in some preparations.
  • Available AP-1A-0.1MU headstage with current passing range up to ±100 μA
  • Built-in audio monitor with headphone connector changes tone as you near a cell and make contact.
  • Resistance display, in combination with audio monitor, provides a useful tool for searching out cells in a tissue slice without visual control.
  • Stand-alone or computer-controlled pulse start for greatest flexibility and synchronization with electrophysiology experiments.  See Related Products section for more details
  • Foot switch to trigger pulse start while your hands are busy
  • Sync output BNC for synchronization of a third-party recording system
  • User guide written by scientific consultants, with the assistance of Axon Instruments staff, for straightforward start-up and as an in-depth reference.

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