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AxoClamp 900A Amplifier - Product ImageAxon Axoclamp 900A Microelectrode Amplifier

A complete microelectrode current clamp and voltage clamp amplifier, useful for a wide range of intracellular microelectrode recording techniques.

The Axoclamp™ 900A Microelectrode Amplifier features many enhancements that improve its recording capability, make the amplifier easier to use, and help your experiments last longer.

The Axoclamp 900A Microelectrode Amplifier provides the following modes of operation:

  • I-Clamp: Current clamp using two independent bridge amplifiers for voltage measurements
  • DCC: Discontinuous current clamp for accurate voltage measurements, even when the electrode resistance changes
  • TEVC: High-compliance two-electrode voltage clamp for Xenopus oocytes and mammalian cells
  • dSEVC: Discontinuous single-electrode voltage clamp for small cells with large currents
  • HVIC: High-voltage current clamp for extracellular applications such as iontophoresis


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  • Five modes of operation provide the broadest range of electrophysiological applications
  • Software control of all amplifier settings for automated optimization features, reduction of manipulation steps, and convenient, reliable telegraphing
  • Optional SoftPanel allows amplifier control using knobs and buttons for a more conventional feel to amplifier control
  • Large output compliance range (±180 V in TEVC and HVIC modes) enable passing larger currents and ensures faster clamp speeds
  • Wide AC voltage clamp gain ranges in TEVC and dSEVC modes for excellent voltage control
  • Space-saving headstage design for easier access to the preparation on a crowded microscope stage
  • New dSEVC design with more stability and faster clamp provides an excellent alternative to standard continuous single-electrode voltage clamping
  • Pipette Capacitance Compensation neutralizes the contribution of the glass pipette and the pipette holder to the capacitance of the circuitry
  • Automatic oscillation detection prevents damage to a cell when electrical feedback occurs
  • Selectable output gain with 11 settings to scale the output signal to the desired level
  • Audio monitor for acoustic tracking of the signal while you are busy looking down a microscope
  • Fine-tunable 4-pole Bessel and Butterworth low-pass filters act as anti-aliasing filters and can be used to pre-condition the output signal
  • Buzz feature with a hand-held remote switch facilitates breaking through cell membranes
  • Two included pipette holders of different barrel lengths accept glass pipettes in most standard dimensions
  • User guide written by scientific consultants, with the assistance of Axon Instruments staff, for straightforward start-up and as an in-depth reference

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Axoclamp 900A Amplifier

Two-electrode voltage-clamp and whole-cell and current-clamp recording

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