Axon Conventional Electrophysiology

Axon Conventional Electrophysiology

Molecular Devices provides the complete workflow solution for electrophysiology data acquisition and analysis.

Axon Amplifiers

AxoPatch 200B frontal image Axon MultiClamp 700B Amplifier
Axon Axoclamp 900A Amplifier

Axopatch 200B Amplifier

MultiClamp 700B Amplifier

Axoclamp 900A Amplifier

Single-channel recording and whole-cell voltage-clamp recording

Whole-cell voltage-clamp and current-clamp recordings 

Two-electrode voltage-clamp and whole-cell and current-clamp recording

Data acquisition and analysis software (pCLAMP Software)
Digidata 1550
Single-cell electroporator (Axoporator 800A electroporator)

pCLAMP Software

Digidata 1550 Digitizer

Axoporator 800A Electroporator

Data acquisition and analysis software

A low-noise digitizer

Single-cell electroporator


About Axon Instruments

Molecular Devices offers a highly evolved line of Axon microelectrode amplifiers for voltage recording, current clamps and voltage clamps, and patch clamping for ion channel research. The wide choice of headstages designed for specific applications and the many features that have been incorporated into the amplifiers make them ideal instruments on which to base an electrophysiology workstation. The amplifiers work in tandem with Molecular Devices' Digidata® 1550 Digitizer and pCLAMP Software.

The BRAIN Initiative

The Brain Initiative is to better understand the human brain. More than $100 million will be funded for studies of nine areas.

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