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PatchXpress 7000A System - Product ImagePatchXpress 7000A Automated Parallel Patch Clamp System

The first planar patch clamp platform with gigaseal capability has set the standard to which other systems are compared.

The PatchXpress® 7000A Automated Parallel Patch Clamp System has revolutionized ion channel drug discovery. With over 13 independent peer reviewed scientific publications, the data quality from the PatchXpress 7000A System is considered to be equivalent to conventional patch clamp-or even better, since it eliminates potential operator bias.

The system's rapid compound addition rate (τ=10-15 ms) enables the assay of rapidly desensitizing ligand-gated ion channels, such as the α-7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor. The independent wash station with individual control for each assay well provides virtually unlimited washout of each recording chamber. This enables the removal of excess cells before the procedure, prevents cumulative desensitization of ligand-gated ion channels, and allows addition of multiple test compounds to the same cell if desired. The use of disposable pipette tips prevents any chance of cross contamination between compound additions, and the optional tip re-use function minimizes non-specific binding of compounds to the pipette tips. 

The PatchXpress 7000A System has been successfully used on a large and steadily growing number of different cell types and ion channel classes. The highly configurable patch settings in combination with sophisticated monitoring of membrane parameters make it possible to adapt the experimental parameters using PatchXpress Commander to ideally suit a variety of targets. The system software with its intuitive and logical operation receives rave reviews by our customers and features all the functionality a dedicated researcher needs. The software is based on Clampex module in pCLAMP™ Software and will be familiar to every electrophysiologist that has ever used pCLAMP.

Highly efficient data management is seamlessly integrated with DataXpress® Data Management and Analysis Software, a transparent database and data analysis application with over 100 queryable attributes. Data is analyzed using DataXpress Software which features automated analysis using macros with an intuitive, graphical user interface.  This removes the data analysis bottleneck and increases the total throughput of the automated PatchXpress 7000A System.

Ion Channel Cell Lines

To support ion channel assays, Molecular Devices offers the extensive ChanTest Corporation catalog of replicating and frozen human ion channel expressing cell lines. Cells are validated for structure, function, and pharmacology. Performance is characterized using conventional patch-clamp and the PatchXpress 7000A.

  • Largest reservoir for extracellular solution in combination with the independent wash station enables virtually unlimited washout duration at any point of the experiment: let the cell set the pace, not the instrument.
  • Rapid fluid exchange for capturing even the fastest ligand-gated ion channels.
  • Automated Pressure Control enables reproducible and reliable seal formation and whole-cell recordings.
  • Asynchronous Control applies pressure and suction independently to each chamber, depending on the individual membrane parameters.
  • Multiclamp 700 Amplifier technology inside ─ proven technology ensures highest data quality.
  • Independent wash station for individual washout of each recording chamber without tying up the pipettor.
  • True gigaseal technology delivers data of a quality equivalent to the gold standard of conventional patch clamp.
  • Disposable pipette tips minimize cross-contamination by compound carryover.
  • Multiple compound additions minimize loss of potency due to nonspecific binding to pipette tip, excess cells, and recording chamber.
  • Mix during compound pickup and delivery further reduces nonspecific binding for very "sticky" compounds.
  • Script-controlled procedures for online decision making during the experiment.
  • Assay Development and Screening Modes give you the choice of user interaction or maximal automation.
  • Membrane test between sweeps continuously monitors cell health and controls further progress of the experiment to avoid compound wastage.
  • Procedure Loops facilitate setting up concentration-response procedures.
  • Similar styling to the pCLAMP Software user interface makes the PatchXpress Commander software easy to use and understand for the vast majority of all electrophysiologists - those who have used pCLAMP Software.
  • Data management and analysis software included ─ The DataXpress 2 System provides convenient data management and automated, macro-driven analysis.  See the DataXpress 2 Software product page for more details.

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PatchXpress® 7000A

Sets the standard for gigaseal automated Parallel Patch Clamp Systems

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