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IonWorks Quattro Automated Patch Clamp System

IonWorks® Quattro™ System's high throughput and low operating costs make it well suited for the primary screening of directed libraries, compound profiling, and safety assessment assays.

Automated patch clamp systems offer considerably higher throughput than conventional patch clamping, but there is still a pressing need to match the throughput of surrogate assays while simultaneously driving down the per compound assay costs. To achieve such a goal, Molecular Devices developed the IonWorks Quattro System with Population Patch Clamp™ (PPC) technology.

PPC technology provides improved data quality and brings stability and consistency that is required for robust single-point screening and pharmacological assays for ion channel targets. Well-to-well variability is so consistent in IonWorks Quattro System experiments that highly robust Z'-Factors can be obtained, and are similar to Z'-Factor values obtained on the FLIPR® System.

The increased throughput of the IonWorks Quattro System is ideal for generating comprehensive pharmacological determinations for dozens of compounds in a single experiment. Using 96- or 384-well compound plates, a wide variety of dose-response experiments can be designed, including any number of titrations from 3-12 concentrations-with or without replicates. Figure 3 illustrates the tighter distribution of data from a Kv1.3 pharmacology experiment using the IonWorks Quattro System. Each data point is comprised of 4 replicates per concentration-note the dramatically smaller error bars in the data generated on the IonWorks Quattro System versus the IonWorks HT System.

Compatibility with the Original PatchPlate Consumable

The IonWorks Quattro System is compatible with both the original single-hole PatchPlate and the PatchPlate™ PPC Consumables. A new amplifier was designed for the IonWorks Quattro System allowing the user to switch between the two PatchPlate choices. The user simply selects the type of PatchPlate while configuring the experimental protocol in the software prior to the start of each experiment.

Four-fold Increased Throughput Over IonWorks HT

Population Patch Clamp technology permits a four-fold increase in throughput over the IonWorks HT System-already the highest throughput automated electrophysiological system on the market. The IonWorks Quattro System is capable of producing over 2,300 data points in 6 hours of operation.

Reduction in Cost Per Data Point

Because of the increased throughput of the IonWorks Quattro System, the cost per compound tested is significantly reduced by more than 50% relative to the IonWorks HT System.

Ion Channel Cell Lines

To support ion channel assays, Molecular Devices offers the extensive ChanTest Corporation catalog of replicating and frozen human ion channel expressing cell lines. Cells are validated for structure, function, and pharmacology. Performance is characterized using conventional patch-clamp and the IonWorks System.

  • Parallel data acquisition on a 384-well PatchPlate utilizing 48 discrete amplifiers combined with a 12- or 48- channel pipettor head to achieve a throughput of over 2,300 data points per day.
  • Automated experimental runs allow the collection of 384 data points without user intervention.
  • IonWorks PatchPlate Consumable delivers a direct electrophysiological assay at the lowest per well data point cost.
  • Population Patch Clamp™ (PPC) (patent pending) is an enabling technology which reduces well-to-well variability [link to PPC technology page] to deliver consistent, high quality results.
  • Supports single hole (SH) recording to obtain data from individual cells during ion channel assay optimization and for clonal selection during cell line generation.
  • Rapid analysis of ionic currents using metrics for ease of integration into your data analysis workflow
  • Wash station for fixed pipettor tips to eliminate compound carryover

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IonWorks Quattro

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