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automated electrophysiology, ion channel screening, LGIC, VGIC, automated patch clampIonWorks Barracuda® Plus System

Unmatched performance in automated electrophysiology

The new IonWorks Barracuda® Plus System enables scientists to study drug binding for use-dependent compounds while exploiting the time and cost savings of automation. Now a single platform provides an affordable, rapid solution for voltage- and ligand-gated ion channel research for drug discovery screening and safety assessment.

Introducing IonWorks Barracuda Plus System

Replace slow, expensive methods

ion channel screening, patch clamping

ion channel compound screening, patch clamp

Relative cost comparison of consumables on the IonWorks Barracuda  system versus commercially available giga-seal systems.

Screen 25,000 compounds in 4 days on the IonWorks Barracuda system compared to approximately 106 days on commercially available giga-seal systems.

Replace manual methods

  • Easy to use - eliminates the need for labor intensive conventional patch clamp
  • Precise voltage control and high temporal resolution produces results similar to manual patch clamp methods
  • Long assay windows, up to 30 minutes, support the study of use-dependant blockers

Get the speed and benefits of automation at an affordable price

Nav1.x assay, ion channel screening, VGIC, LGIC

  • Peer reviewed studies show that IonWorks Barracuda recordings give comparable results to GigaSeal for most channels
  • Highest throughput available
    • True 384 parallel acquisition of an entire 384-well planar PatchPlateTM Consumable in as little as 20 minutes
    • Record up to 6000 data points per hour
  • Unmatched flexiblity for assay support and development
    • Optimized for both LGIC and VGIC
    • Add up to 8 compound additions per well - generate cumulative response data ideal for safety profiling
  • Automation solutions for walk-away operation up to six hours
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IonWorks Barracuda Plus

Unmatched performance in automated electrophysiology

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