Automated Electrophysiology Systems

Automated Electrophysiology Systems

ion channel compound screening

Fluxion IonFlux 16 IonFlux HT

giga-seal automated patch clamp system

IonWorks Barracuda® Plus Automated Patch Clamp System

IonFlux™ Automated Patch Clamp Systems

PatchXpress 7000 Automated Patch Clamp System

Unmatched performance for speed and affordability

Plate reader simplicity in a bench-top platform

Setting the standard for GigaSeal systems

The  ideal system for early stage drug discovery from target validation to late stage profiling

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The ideal system for introducing automation into lower volume academic and research laboratories

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The ideal system for screening ion channel targets that require GigaSeal resolution

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Latest webinar

Developing assays for ion channel pain targets and peptide neurotoxins on automated patch clamp systems
Wed Oct 30th 11:00 EDT
Join us for a three part webinar demonstrating how advances in automated electrophysiology platforms are enabling scientists to perform increasingly sophisticated assays to study ion channel targets.
Guest presenters: Dr O. McManus, Essen BioScience & K. Eum, UCDavis
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