Bioanalytical Instruments

Bioanalytical Instruments

Our instrument systems support a wide range of applications from drug discovery & development to basic life science research to laboratory test development. With one of the largets portfolios of detection & analysis technologies available from a single provider, we can meet most throughput, application, and budget needs. From imaging to electrophysiology to microplate- & microarray-based analyses, we are your provider of choice for fluorescence, luminescence, UV/Vis absorption, brightfield, label-free, and other detection & analysis technologies for life science research.

Molecular Devices offers instrument systems for a wide variety of applications in biotechnology, pharmaceutical, food and water safety, and many more. Analytical instrument categories include: Cellular Screening, Contamination Detection, Electrophysiology, Imaging, Label-free Analysis, Microarray Analysis, and Microplate Analysis. Please use the links below to learn more about how we can support the success of your research efforts.

Microplate Readers

Microplate ReadersMolecular Devices microplate analysis products include plate readers, plate washers, automation capabilities, SoftMax® Pro Data Acquisition & Analysis Software and GxP compliance tools. Combined with many of its patented technologies, these products enable researchers more flexibility, sensitivity, and ease-of-use for the broadest range of assays.

Microplate Washers & Handlers

Microplate Washers & HandlersAquaMax Microplate Washers and the StakMax Handler are ideal for biochemical and cell-based assays. The washers have targeted, separate heads for plate and cell washing, so are well suited for laboratories that run both types of assays, and the handling system can meet a broad range of throughput needs.

Automated Electrophysiology Systems

Automated Electrophysiology SystemsMolecular Devices provides a versatile range of automated electrophysiology systems under its IonWorks® and PatchXpress® brands. Each system meets a different combination of the needs of drug discovery researchers interested in ligand- and voltage-gated ion channel screening assays as well as the needs of basic researchers interested in higher-throughput approaches to the study of ion channel function in normal and disease processes.

Axon Conventional Electrophysiology

Molecular Devices delivers electrophysiology amplifiers, digital data recorders, electroporation systems, and data acquisition and analysis software under its Axon Instruments brand of products. Axon Instruments products are distinguished by their innovative design and exceptional quality, and provide scientists with ready-to-use, technologically-advanced conventional electrophysiology equipment to support neuroscience and biophysics research.

High Content Screening

High Content ScreeningHigh Content Screening is a powerful automated cell biology method that enables researchers to collect and view data at the cellular and sub-cellular level. Originally developed as a complementary technology to traditional high-throughput screening in drug discovery, today high content screening reaches into a much broader area of life science research as an unbiased method of imaging multiple cellular samples.

FLIPR High Throughput Cellular Screening

FLIPR High Throughput Cellular ScreeningThe FLIPR® Tetra System is a high throughput screening solution for real time kinetic cellular assays. It has been optimized for use with both fluorescent and luminescent assays including aequorin for GPCRs and ion channel screening.

Microarray Scanners & Slide Loaders

Microarray Scanners & Slide LoadersGenePix Microarray Scanners can handle any slide-based microarray study, from small one- or two-fluor applications to multiple-fluor high-throughput projects. When combined with GenePix Pro Software, they offer a complete solution for research in functional biology, genomics, transcriptomics, and proteomics.

Label-Free Analysis

Label-Free AnalysisThe CellKey® System label-free detection system was designed for target identification and validation through lead optimization, and is ideal for the measurement of GPCRs.

Certified Refurbished Instruments

Looking for high quality, used life science instrumentation that is budget friendly? Certified refurbished instruments from Molecular Devices are a cost-effective solution for new or rapidly expanding budget-conscious labs.