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FLIPR Calcium Assay Kits

Broadest selection of calcium kits to address diversified GPCR and ion channel targets

The FLIPR® Calcium Assay Kits are the platform of choice for measuring changes in intracellular calcium during drug discovery and research. Built as the most comprehensive calcium portfolio, the kits deliver pre-optimized, homogeneous, fluorescence-based formulations to expedite assay development and screening of GPCR and ion channel targets.

FLIPR Calcium Assay Kits provide the most comprehensive method for detecting intracellular calcium changes in a simple and reliable homogeneous assay format. Select from six formulations (1, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 6-QF) to complement your target of interest.

Key Assay Features and Benefits
  • Maximizes fluorescent signal from a wide range of cell types by reducing cell wash artifacts
  • Reduces well-to-well variability, improving assay quality (Z'-factor) and reliability (CV %) of high-throughput screens
  • Universal mix-and-read protocol accelerates assay workflow and increases throughput
  • Superior signal-to-noise ratio facilitates confirmation of endogenous or transiently transfected receptor activity during assay development
  • Pre-optimized and validated protocols for the FLIPR® Tetra and FlexStation® Systems ensure you can navigate both routine and unconventional cell lines and targets

FLIPR Calcium 6 Assay Kit
FLIPR Calcium 6-QF Assay Kit

Application Highlight

This exclusive fluorophore features the highest quantum yield of any calcium indicator on the market, delivering the greatest signal window available in a calcium assay kit. The substantial increase in signal amplitude helps to rekindle low signal screens; including endogenous, primary or stem cell targets. Additionally, the novel dye is unaffected by organic anion exchange proteins, enabling measurement with minimal to no probenecid present.

When utilized in the quench-free (QF) formulation, the dye is ideal for quench sensitive targets or assays requiring multiplexing of calcium-flux and luminescent assays within one well.

FLIPR Calcium 5 Assay Kit


A novel fluorophore that amplifies the assay signal window while leveraging the superior masking technology used in the FLIPR Calcium 4 Assay Kit to reduce background fluorescence. In addition to the above assays, receptors with low receptor expression and other targets that give a small calcium response are candidates for this kit.

FLIPR Calcium 4 Assay Kit


Contains a revised proprietary masking dye with higher light extinction in the extracellular solution to significantly reduce background and increase signal window. It is more inert and reduces compound interference. Successful targets include calcium channels, chemokine receptors, and transiently transfected receptors.

FLIPR Calcium 3 Assay Kit


Improves signal window with unique fluorophore that enables detection of chemokines. Quench technology designed for targets that have proteins or peptides as agonists.

FLIPR Calcium Assay Kit


First homogenous no wash kit incorporating calcium sensitive fluorophore and proprietary quench technology designed for robust calcium flux assays such as the response given by agonism of the Muscarinic M1 receptor.

Patented Technology

FLIPR Assay Kits from Molecular Devices. LLC employ a quenching dye to reduce background fluorescence and improve the signal-to-noise ratio. The patented quench technology (more information on patents can be found here is offered to drug discovery and life science researchers exclusively by Molecular Devices, through the purchase of FLIPR Assay Kits.

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