Assay Kits

IMAP Assays Substrate Finder

Quickly test one or more kinases against dozens of peptides to identify potential substrates for subsequent IMAP screens

The IMAP® Substrate Finder Kits are assay development tools that can accelerate the identification of substrates for kinases and be used to profile substrate specificity of a kinase. The IMAP Substrate Finder enables researchers to test kinases against a variety of peptides included in a 384-well microtiter plate to rapidly identify potential substrates for subsequent IMAP screens. Additionally, substrate specificity may be evaluated between kinase variants or among different mutants of the same kinase.

The Substrate Finder allows users to screen through dozens of predefined potential substrates for less than the cost of a few substrates. It saves time by testing kinases against more than 50 different peptides in a single 384-well plate. Once a substrate is identified, it can be used with IMAP in either FP or TR-FRET detection mode. Depending on the mode chosen, optimized conditions may vary.


IMAP FP Substrate Finder Options

There are three IMAP FP Substrate Finder Kits: two focus on the Serine/Threonine kinases of the human kinome, and the third Substrate Finder concentrates on Tyrosine kinases. All peptide substrates contained in these plates have been published and shown to be valid kinase substrates (literature links are provided with the IMAP Substrate Mapper). All peptides are represented in quadruplicate to allow for numerous controls or to enable testing of additional kinases, according to the user's discretion.

  • First Serine/Threonine plate covers the CAMK, AGC portions of the kinome and contains 56 kinase substrates and three phosphorylated substrates as positive controls
  • Second Serine/Threonine plate covers the CMGC, CK1, STE, TKL and contains 61 kinase substrates and six phosphorylated substrates as positive controls
  • Tyrosine plate consists of 57 kinase substrates and five phosphorylated substrates

IMAP Substrate Mapper

The IMAP Substrate Mapper is an intuitive electronic map to assist in navigating the substantial amount of information that comes with the IMAP FP Substrate Finder: sequences of the peptide substrates, initial target kinase and location on the plate, literature references, recommended Progressive Binding Buffer ratios, and substrate part numbers to assist with ordering the desired substrate.