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EarlyTox Cell Integrity KitEarlyTox Cell Integrity Kit

Higher signal, shorter exposure times

The EarlyToxTM Cell Integrity Kit enables the differentiation of live cells from dead cells via fluorescent labeling. This is useful for the rapid quantification of cell viability when used with the Molecular Devices  SpectraMax® MiniMaxTM 300 Imaging Cytometer or other fluorescence-based cellular imaging instruments.

The EarlyToxTM Cell Integrity Kit is an optimized set of reagents that simplifies the identification of live and dead cells. It can be used to measure the effects of different treatments on cell viability and to evaluate toxic effects mediated through a variety of mechanisms, including apoptosis and necrosis. The kit is designed to work with many cell types, both adherent and non-adherent. The protocol's simple workflow and reagent performance make it amenable to high-throughput screening.

  • Higher signal allows shorter exposure times for fast results
  • Designed to work with many cell types
  • Streamlined image acquisition and analysis on a single system