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Our products address throughput, content, cost, automation, and performance needs across a wide range of life science applications.

Key application areas that we address include:


Molecular Devices provides one of the widest ranges of bioanalytical systems to support drug discovery screening efforts--from target evaluation to early safety assessments. We deliver high performance at an affordable price per data point across a full range of detection technologies, including fluorescence, luminescence, UV/Vis absorption, impedance, bright-field, label free, and voltage/current. Our products are ideal for screening programs focused on G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs), voltage- and ligand-gated ion channels, fatty acid and neurotransmitter transporters, kinases, phosphodiesterases, and intracellular calcium.

Stem Cells

Molecular Devices provides researchers the tools that allow them to easily study stem cells in cell-based assays to support drug discovery or as a means by which diseases can be treated or cured. As an industry leader in cellular imaging, we offer a variety of bioanalytical systems that can streamline image acquisition and analysis and optimize data management under our ImageXpress, MetaXpress, AcuityXpress, and MetaMorph brands. We also provide numerous configurations of multi-mode microplate readers as well as validation and compliance tools that also support stem cell research efforts.

Micro RNAs (miRNAs) and interfering RNAs (RNAi)

Many researchers are focused on understanding the basic biology of micro RNAs (miRNAs) as well as their role in normal biological development, including any role they might have in stem cells. There are also researchers who are focused on understanding RNA silencing or RNA interference (RNAi), which holds promise for the diagnosis and treatment of disease conditions, so researchers are studying miRNAs in the context of cancer, cardiovascular disease, and neural disorders. Molecular Devices is the ideal choice to support your research. We provide a full line of microarray analysis and imaging products to support analyses of miRNAs. We provide live cell capabilities and label-free analytical systems as well.

Ion Channels

Traditional methods for studies of ion channel function, such as binding, ion flux, and fluorescent probes, measure ion channel activity indirectly. Patch clamp electrophysiology is regarded as the gold standard for measuring ion channel activity directly. Traditional methods enable real time measurement of ion channels, but are low throughput and require a high degree of operator skill. Newer, automated patch clamp systems deliver higher throughput and are accessible to a broader range of laboratories. Molecular Devices offers a full range of equipment for traditional patch clamp as well as a line of automated patch clamp systems. In addition, Molecular Devices offers one of the widest range of analytical technologies for life sciences research available today, including systems for microplate-based and label-free analysis.

G-Protein Coupled Receptors (GPCRs)

Some key challenges facing researchers interested in the function of GPCRs include understanding novel modes of regulation of GPCRs in an effort to better understand both normal and abnormal cellular processes, particularly processes that might underlie specific disease conditions. Researchers are focused on everything from GPCR structure/function to RNA editing and alternate mRNA splicing to signaling via G proteins and downstream messenger systems to interaction of receptors with accessory proteins. Molecular Devices offers a variety of GPCR assays as well as a wide range of analytical systems to support studies of GPCR function, including microplate readers, washers, and handlers as well as cellular screening, imaging, and label-free systems.

Cellular Pathway Analysis

Understanding the complexity of signal transduction pathways is critical for understanding normal biological conditions and disease states. Molecular Devices offers one of the widest ranges of products available for pathway analysis--from dedicated, single readout devices to automated, multi-detection systems. We also offer bioanalytical systems that support live cell imaging and label-free analysis to generate more physiologically relevant results.

Vaccine Development

Whether performing research for prophylactic or therapeutic vaccines, Molecular Devices can support the success of your efforts. From basic research and discovery to production, Molecular Devices provides a range of fast, sensitive, robust, and reliable bioanalytical technologies for cell-based assays and screening to support your vaccine testing, development, and vaccine research programs. With industry-leading cellular analysis solutions, including technologies for research and high-content imaging, laser scanning cytometry, and multi-detection microplate analysis, Molecular Devices is well positioned to support the success of your vaccine research.

Neuroscience Research

Molecular Devices is the ideal choice to support the success of your neuroscience research efforts. We offer industry-leading microscopy and high-content imaging under its ImageXpress, MetaXpress & MetaMorph brand of products as well as automated and conventional electrophysiology systems. In addition, we provide numerous configurations of SpectraMax multi-mode microplate readers that support a broad array of biochemical and cell-based assays, including calcium flux and membrane potential assays, and a well-respected family of microarray scanners. Our instruments can support your neuroscience research across these specialties: neurocytology, pathway analysis, ion channels, neurotransmitters, vision, audition, olfaction, taste, somatosensation, pain, motor control, sleep, attention, arousal, neurogenesis, neurite outgrowth, neuronal migration, and others.

Cancer Research

Molecular Devices provides researchers the tools that allow them to easily study cancerous cells and their affects under varying conditions. As an industry leader in cellular imaging, our microscopy and high-content imaging systems can help drive the success of your analytical and bioanalytical cancer research efforts. We also provide numerous configurations of SpectraMax & FilterMax multi-mode microplate readers and companion instruments as well as a well-respected line of GenePix microarray scanners to support life science research and drug discovery.

Translational Research

Molecular Devices is well positioned to support the needs of both academia and industry when it comes to translational research. We provide a wide range of technologies that help you generate more physiologically-relevant results, including live cell capabilities and label-free analytical systems. We also have a long and respected history of providing advanced detection capabilities--from dedicated, single readout instruments to automated, multi-detection systems. As a result, we are an ideal choice to support your biomarker discovery programs as well as the successful translation of your research results into impactful interventions that will improve human health.

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