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Label-Free Technologies

Tagging methods have an obvious disadvantage in that labels can impact the bioactivity of the labeled molecule through misfolding, reduced mobility, steric hindrance, or other means. In addition, labeling reagents are expensive and tag different molecules with varying efficiency. And, in some cases, they are incompatible with live cells.

Alternatively, label-free approaches reduce biomolecular interactions to their most essential components-molecules-and provide an analytical method by which researchers can evaluate them in action, often in real time.

Drug discovery researchers have leveraged label-free systems for fragment-based screening, lead optimization, pathway analysis, and affinity ranking, among other applications. In addition, by eliminating the requirement for reagent or cell engineering, label-free approaches simplify assay development.

Label-free analytical systems are one of the best, if not the best, way to decipher complex biological pathways as well as interdependencies among those pathways using biologically-relevant assay systems.

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