Research Focus

Systems Biology

Systems biology is the study of an organism viewed as an integrated and interacting network of molecules and biochemical reactions (e.g., cell or signaling pathways). Unlike traditional biology, which focuses on analysis of individual components or aspects of an organism, systems biology concentrates on investigating all components of an organism as well as the interactions among them.

With the successful completion of various genome projects, including the Human Genome Project, researchers gained access to organism-specific "catalogs" of genes. The accessibility of this genetic information together with a growing understanding of how genes and their resulting proteins give rise to biological form and function has supported the emergence of systems biology as a standard discipline in life sciences research.

With advanced tools and technologies that support a systems approach to research, scientists have been able to delve much deeper into the functions of genes and proteins, and have discovered that these molecules almost never work alone. Rather, genes and proteins interact with each other and with other molecules in highly structured and complex ways.

By deciphering these interactions across cell types within an organism and understanding the way the organism's environment can influence those interactions, life science researchers can study biology in a whole new way. This integrated, big picture approach has the potential to completely transform our understanding of human health and disease.

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