Research Focus


By conducting studies of living organisms at all levels from subcellular to macroscopic, life science researchers gain a better understanding of how cells, tissues, and organs carry out specific chemical or physical functions within a living system. They do so by leveraging various cellular analysis techniques to study the physiological properties, structure and substructures (i.e., organelles), interactions, life cycle, division, and death of cells.

Some of the more common techniques for cellular analysis include microscopy, high-content analysis, cell-based assays, and electrophysiology. Regardless of the technique, a flexible and sensitive detection method is required.

Molecular Devices provides industry-leading detection technologies to support the study of cell populations, tissues, and organs, including research imaging software, high-content analysis systems, microplate readers, and electrophysiology equipment. We are an industry leader in physiology research systems, instruments, equipment and software. Please use the links below to learn more.

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