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Cellular Biology

Knowing the components of cells, understanding how cells work, and appreciating the similarities and differences across cell types are important aspects of basic biology and disease research, drug discovery, bioassay development, and other life science research objectives. By studying the physiological properties, structure and substructures, life cycle, division, and death of cells, researchers can gain a greater understanding of cell form and function.

One of the more common ways to observe cells is by microscopy. Microscopes and microscope-based imaging systems, including high-content analysis (HCA) systems, are ideal for cell analysis. They can be used to analyze fixed or live cells and accommodate a variety of formats (e.g., slides, microplates, culture dishes, etc.). With microscopy, researchers can conduct any number of assays or experiments and then analyze the results at the level of the tissue, a cell population, an individual cell, or a subcellular structure.

Cell-based assays, which are generally analyzed via microplate readers, are often used to investigate cell signaling, ligand binding, cell migration, enzyme activity, calcium mobilization, and many other applications. Microplate readers are also ideal for ELISA and reporter gene assays. Single- and multi-mode readers provide flexible and sensitive detection of fluorescence, luminescence, and/or absorbance signals. Researchers can also conduct many of these assays via label-free systems, which deliver more physiologically relevant results as they eliminate the need for labels and transfected cells.  

While microplate readers analyze all cells in a single well of a microplate, HCA systems can drill down to the level of individual cells. As such, this combination of analytical technologies is an extremely powerful way for researchers to conduct advanced, detailed cellular analyses.

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