Research Focus

Research Focus

The character and needs of basic research in the life sciences are changing dramatically. With the availability of the sequences of an ever-increasing number of genomes, including the human genome, scientists are leveraging genomics-based tools to drive basic discovery. Today, these tools are allowing life scientists to explore complex biological processes and diseases in an integrative and quantitative manner via systems biology as well as to delve more deeply into the function of the individual components of the system (e.g., genes, proteins, cells).

Molecular Devices provides one of the widest ranges-if not the widest range-of bioanalytical systems, software, instruments, and detection technologies for basic life sciences research. Whether you are interested in the regulation of gene expression, the relationship between chromosome abnormalities and disease conditions, the way cells divide, grow, and differentiate, or the complex interactions of all components of a living organism, we can help you generate biologically- and physiologically-relevant results that will drive your next scientific breakthrough. Please use the links below to learn how.

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