Life Science Research Imaging

Life science research techniques are evolving at a rapid pace. To keep up, researchers need sophisticated, user-friendly tools to support increasingly complex experiments. More and more life science researchers are including imaging systems in the design of their experiments.

Whether you are involved in drug discovery, molecular biology, cell biology, disease research, systems biology, fluorescence imaging, or another life science research area, imaging systems and software from Molecular Devices are the ideal choice for your research efforts.

With over three decades of expertise, we deliver industry-leading imaging products for light, fluorescent, and confocal microscopy, laser-scanning cytometry, microplate-based detection, and high-content analysis and screening. Our imaging products are the ideal choice if you are interested in working with the latest tools in image analysis, such as object tracking, 3-D rendering, image deconvolution, fluorescence imaging, FRET, and more.

Our focus is on helping you improve laboratory productivity by providing systems and software that automate imaging tasks. Further, our industry-leading software programs streamline image acquisition and analysis and optimize data management to help you generate results and reach conclusions faster. Please select among the links below to learn more.

MetaMorph® Automation & Image Analysis Software

ImageXpress® High-Content Analysis Systems

ImageXpress® Velos Laser-Scanning Cytometer

MetaXpress® High Content Image Acquisition and Analysis Software

MetaXpress® PowerCore High Content Distributed Image Analysis Software

AcuityXpress™ High Content Informatics Software

SpectraMax® Single- and Multi-Mode Microplate Readers

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