Gene Expression Profiling

Genomics refers to the comprehensive study of genes and their function. Recent advances in bioinformatics and high-throughput technologies such as microarray analysis are driving a significantly more sophisticated understanding of the molecular mechanisms that underlie both normal and abnormal (i.e., disease) biological processes.

Gene expression profiling via microarray analysis enables the measurement of the expression of thousands of genes in a single experiment. These experiments start with a DNA microarray, often a glass slide, that is spotted with DNA fragments that represent specific gene coding regions. Purified RNA is then labeled, most commonly via fluorescent tags, and hybridized to the slide. After thorough washing, the raw data are obtained by laser scanning and written to a database for further analysis via microarray analysis and informatics software.

Changes in gene expression have been shown to underlie many biological conditions-normal and abnormal (i.e., disease). The use of DNA microarrays provides insight into tissue- and developmental-specific expression of genes and the response of gene expression to environmental stimuli. This information is a critical aspect of life science programs that focus on drug discovery & development, diagnostic development, and gene therapy.

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