From genomics to disease research to molecular or cellular function studies, our bioanalytical instruments, software, and assay kits deliver sophisticated, rapid, and cost-effective detection and analysis capabilities directly to your laboratory benchtop to support the success of your basic life science research efforts.

Products from Molecular Devices have relevance for a variety of scientific methods commonly used in life science research - from gene expression profiling to pathway analysis to high-content imaging and high-throughput screening to other areas of life science research.

Together with our services, our systems will help you meet the challenges for increased productivity and improved cost-effectiveness facing the scientific research community today. Learn more about the relevance of our products for basic biology research by selecting among the categories below.

Research Focus

Research FocusWhether you are interested in the regulation of gene expression; the way cells divide, grow, and differentiate; or the complex interactions of the molecular components of a living organism, we can help you generate biologically- & physiologically-relevant results to help drive your next scientific breakthrough.

Laboratory Techniques

Laboratory TechniquesWith one of the broadest portfolios of bioanalytical products for life science research, Molecular Devices is your provider of choice. More importantly, when you become our customer, your needs drive our actions and your success becomes our concern.

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