Target Classes

Signaling Molecules

The signals from cell surface receptors to downstream molecules within a cell make for a complex system. One molecule can elicit multiple activities that branch outward through numerous pathways, many of which intersect and influence one another in ways that are difficult to predict or decipher.

With recent advances in higher-throughput platforms as well as computing power, pathway analysis research is contributing significantly to a better understanding of the physiologic matrix underlying disease conditions. Researchers are also leveraging this approach to identify potential new targets for treating disease as well as for creating more detailed maps of receptor mechanisms.

By studying pathway analysis to understand the routes through which drugs act on a system rather than simply focusing on a specific target, researchers attain a better understanding of how a particular disease develops and progresses.

With an expanded knowledge of cellular pathways, researchers can discover and validate novel targets and better assess the likely impact of drugs on those pathways. This has fueled the development of novel pathway expansion and whole-pathway cellular assay technologies. To learn more about how we can help drive the success of your pathway based research efforts, please select one or more of the links below.

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