Target Classes

Kinases & Phosphodiesterases

When the human genome sequence was published earlier this decade, just over 500 of the thousands of hypothetical proteins predicted were protein kinases. As demonstrated druggable targets, protein kinases are among the top target classes for drug discovery. In fact, kinases (alongside GPCRs) are generally regarded as the most commercially promising targets available.

Not surprisingly, approaches to kinase drug discovery are expanding and evolving at a rapid pace. Small molecule inhibitors now encompass rationally-designed single-target inhibitors and multi-target inhibitors developed with the aid of new screening and profiling assays. Further, new biopharmaceuticals are being investigated.

At the same time, the range of indications for kinase-targeted drugs is expanding beyond the traditional cancer indication to include applications for the central nervous system, pain, inflammation, immune function, cardiotoxicity, diabetes, and more.

Until the entire human kinome has been mined fully, drug discovery and development in the protein kinase inhibitor area will undoubtedly remain a priority. Molecular Devices provides a unique IMAP assay system for detection of kinases and phosphodiesterases. Please use the links below to learn more.

IMAP® Kinase Detection Assay Kit

IMAP® Phosphodiesterase Detection Assay Kit