Quality Assurance & Quality Control

From validating instrument and software performance to ensuring quality cell lines for assays to meeting requirements of Good Laboratory and Manufacturing Practices (GxP), we can help.

Our SpectraMax® line of microplate analysis products includes SpectraTest Validation Packages for luminescence, fluorescence, and absorbance detection modes to ensure microplate readers consistently operate at peak performance. All of the relevant instrument validation protocols are handled by protocols within SoftMax Pro Standard Software.

In addition, for those customers working in regulated environments or simply interested in GxP compliance, we offer SoftMax Pro GxP Software.

Further, if you are interested in quality control of cell lines or reducing variability in your cell-based assays, our ImageXpress Systems and ImageXpress Velos Laser-Scanning Cytometer can help you profile key cellular indicators, such as apoptosis, viability, cell cycle, cell counts, transfection efficiency, and target expression levels, so you can establish uniform standards of cellular performance and biologic responses.

SoftMax® Pro GxP Software

ImageXpress® Velos Laser-Scanning Cytometer

ImageXpress® High-Content Screening Systems

SpectraTest® Validation Packages