Drug Discovery

Drug discovery centers are working hard to maintain strong pipelines of novel therapeutic agents and reduce the high cost of failure in drug development. To help, Molecular Devices has developed a wide range of bioanalytical systems and software to support drug discovery research.

We strive to understand the unique needs of our customers working in drug discovery and have developed a strong portfolio of products focused on streamlining lab workflows, reducing costs, and minimizing the time needed to identify high-priority lead compounds.

From target evaluation to early safety assessments, our bioanalytical systems for high-throughput screening, high-content analysis, automated patch clamp, label-free analysis, and multi-mode microplate-based detection are ideal choices for reducing costs and strengthening therapeutic pipelines.

What's New?
ScanLater Western Blot Detection System

NEW ScanLater Western Blot Detection System - Enables western blot and ELISA detection on your microplate reader. Learn more.

Our Difference

Automation: Our instruments offer built-in automation or are compatible with solutions from automation partners.