Drug Development


Eliminating compounds which have the potential for cardiac safety issues, such as those that produce QT prolongation, early in the discovery and development process is critical. Inhibition of cardiac hERG channels has been identified as the mechanism underlying the cardiac toxicity of several therapeutic agents, and the US FDA requires that the activity of novel agents on hERG be evaluated.

In order to be used cost-effectively in screening assays, hERG assays must be of high quality, repeatable, and reliabie. The PatchXpress 7000A Automated Parallel Patch Clamp System delivers such an assay. The system is the best choice for assessing potential cardiac safety via hERG ion channel screening assays.

In addition, we provide the IonWorks Barracuda High-Speed System which is ideal for higher-throughput ion channel screening programs.

PatchXpress® 7000A Automated Parallel Patch Clamp System

IonWorks Barracuda™  Automated Patch Clamp System