Drug Development

Contaminant Detection

Contamination can occur at any stage of the biomanufacturing process and from a variety of sources, including raw materials, equipment, lab personnel, and contact with infected substances. National and international regulating bodies now recommend testing standards during biopharmaceutical manufacturing to ensure the delivery of a safe product.

The breakdown of contamination control and prevention procedures can be costly for pharmaceutical companies, in terms of both time and money. Not surprisingly, many biopharmaceutical companies are implementing in-process contaminant and impurity analysis, with the goal of early detection to avoid expensive downstream loss of product.

To meet the needs of customers interested in identifying contaminants early, Molecular Devices provides the Threshold System. This technology is an industry-standard and has been well-validated for contaminant detection. The system offers assays for detection of both DNA and protein contaminants.

At Molecular Devices, we specialize in contaminant detection instruments and equipment for laboratories.

Threshold® Contaminant Detection System