Label-Free Analysis

Label-free methods are ideal for analyzing direct interactions between compounds and biological targets, including functional assays that analyze the formation of molecular complexes and alterations in phenotypes triggered by receptor-ligand binding. With the success of pathway analysis-based drug discovery, which focuses on understanding interdependencies among biological pathways, label-free analysis is becoming an essential part of successful drug discovery programs.

Most traditional assays for drug discovery research involve the use of labels, which can be a serious barrier to artifact-free results. By removing that barrier, label-free methods enable drug discovery researchers to conduct biological, physiological, and pharmacological analyses under conditions that more closely mimic those found in a living organism with in vitro assays.

By eliminating the requirement for reagent or cell engineering, label-free approaches simplify assay development. For drug discovery, label-free assays can developed for biological target validation, pathway deconvolution, receptor panning, agonist trafficking, as well as ligand-bias and orphan target assay development, among others.

Label-free analytical systems are one of the best, if not the best, way for drug discovery researchers to decipher complex biological pathways as well as the interdependencies among those pathways to identify, characterize, and prioritize molecules of interest with high sensitivity. Molecular Devices offers a range of label-free technologies, including its CellKey System as well as electrophysiology and imaging systems.

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