Automated Patch Clamp

Proper function of ion channels is crucial for all living cells. Not surprisingly, then, ion channel dysfunction has been linked with a number of diseases, including epilepsy, cardiac arrhythmia, chronic pain, migraines, and type II diabetes. As such, screening assays of ion channel activity are particularly valuable to drug discovery centers seeking ways to maintain a robust pipeline of therapeutic agents while reducing costs and development time.

Conventional electrophysiology methods, such as patch clamping, deliver the high time resolution and sensitivity that is required for precise and direct characterization of ion channel properties, but it is slow, labor-intensive, and expensive. As a result, conventional electrophysiology is not amenable to identifying novel drug candidates that modulate ion channels.

Modern drug discovery requires the ability to screen large compound libraries for potential drug candidates quickly, cost-effectively, and in an automated manner. Further, the screening technique used for ion channel targets must be able to handle the complex structural conformational changes that occur during gating, and the fact that many compounds only interact with specific gating states.

In 200X, Molecular Devices introduced the first commercially-available automated electrophysiology system-the OpusXpress® System-and thus introduced a technique that enabled drug discovery researchers to conduct quick, cost-effective, automated screens of ion channel targets. Today, our systems make it possible to screen for and identify state-dependent ion channel modulators via direct, high-throughput electrophysiological assays. Our systems are also ideal for screening for selectivity against non-target sodium channels, as well as for follow-up structure activity analysis of medicinal chemistry directed compounds. 

Leveraging the industry-leading and well-validated AxonTM electrophysiology technology, Molecular Devices provides a range of automated systems designed to simplify and optimize the productivity of drug discovery programs focused on ion channel targets.

IonWorks Barracuda™  Automated Patch Clamp System

IonWorks® Quattro Automated Patch Clamp System

PatchXpress® 7000A Automated Parallel Patch Clamp System

DataXpress® Electrophysiology Data Management & Analysis Software

pCLAMP® Analysis Software