Analytical Methods

Drug discovery efforts focused on maintaining strong pipelines of therapeutic agents and reducing costs and time to market require a diverse range of bioanalytical systems that deliver consistent, high-quality experimental results. Drug discovery is a continuum of steps that can be taken sequentially or in parallel, including target evaluation, assay development, lead identification, lead optimization, and early safety assessments. The studies involved at each step can have different requirements for automation, throughput, multiplexing, and other features.

By selecting bioanalytical systems that offer flexibility and versatility for assay format and throughput, unattended operation, and multiplexing without sacrificing data quality, researchers can be assured of improved productivity and cost savings across the continuum.

Molecular Devices has one of the broadest range of bioanalytical systems and biological expertise among companies that design, manufacture, and commercialize instruments, software, and assays for drug discovery research. More importantly, when you become a Molecular Devices customer, your needs drive our actions and your success becomes our concern. Select one of the analytical categories below to learn more.

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