Molecular Devices provides a wide array of bioanalytical systems and software for basic life science research, drug discovery & development, and bioassay and biotest development. When you become our customer, your needs drive our actions and your success becomes our concern. Don't wait, visit one or more of our website communities today to learn how we can help support your research program.


BioPharmaWhether it's the discovery of a novel target, the pursuit of a therapeutic biologic or small molecule, or the development of a novel vaccine, we have the right system for your budget, application, detection, and throughput needs. Together with our services, our high-performance bioanalytical systems will support the success of your drug discovery & development efforts, increasing productivity and cost effectiveness.


BioResearchFrom genomics to disease research to molecular or cellular function studies, our bioanalytical instruments, software, and assay kits deliver sophisticated, rapid, and cost-effective detection and analysis capabilities directly to your laboratory benchtop to support the success of your basic life science research efforts.


BioTestingWith one of the widest ranges of detection & data analysis technologies among companies that support life science research, we are the ideal technology partner to support your bioassay or laboratory.