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Gene Function Research

Understanding gene function is the key to understanding disease. By studying gene function, researchers will develop a better understanding of some of the more common diseases affecting human quality of life, including heart disease, diabetes, stroke, movement disorders, and muscle disease.

The Human Genome Project decoded three billion letters of human genetic code, providing a draft of the genome. The next major challenge is to determine the function of genes and discover how defects in their sequences can give rise to one or more disease conditions.

The amount of genetic sequencing information is increasing at a fast pace, and researchers interested in gene function analysis have access to a wider and wider set of species-specific sequencing data with which to work. Given this tremendous increase in the raw data available, high-throughput analytical technologies are becoming necessary. Nucleic acid microarrays are a valuable tool through which researchers can study patterns, or profiles, of gene expression. This approach could significantly accelerate the speed with which researchers will be able to understand whole genomes, including the human genome.

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