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Whether performing research for prophylactic or therapeutic vaccines, Molecular Devices can support the success of your efforts. From basic research and discovery to production, Molecular Devices provides a range of fast, sensitive, robust, and reliable bioanalytical technologies for cell-based assays and screening to support your vaccine testing, development, and vaccine research programs.

Monitoring cellular processes such as cytotoxicity and cell proliferation is essential when researching vaccines. Cytotoxic T cells play a critical role in the control of viral infection, so the ability to measure specific killing of target cells is absolutely critical. In addition, monitoring the growth of primary cells obtained from whole blood allows you to see if your vaccines are inhibiting or stimulating cell proliferation.

Overall, a given immune response is dictated by the cytokine microenvironment existing at both the sites of priming and infection. For this reason, the ability to define unique cytokine biosignatures is key to understanding differences between healthy and disease states. With cytometry and high content analysis systems, researchers can easily assess the various phenotypes and functional profiles of immune cells as well as determine how these cells are influenced by the cytokines that are present.

This is important because different types of infections act via different mechanisms and are thus opposed by different arms of the immune system. For example, some situations require a Th1 response, while others a Th2. These two arms have vastly different functional outputs, so if you are designing a vaccine for a specific condition, you will want to create the proper microenvironment to drive the desired immune response. High content analysis, which generates the multi-parametric data required to evaluate such complex cytokine pathways and cellular responses, is an essential part of any vaccine research program.

With industry-leading cellular analysis solutions, including technologies for research and high-content imaging, laser scanning cytometry, and multi-detection microplate analysis, Molecular Devices is well positioned to support the success of your vaccine research. Please select among the links below to learn more.

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