Compound Profiling

Identifying a new chemical entity with the potential to become a drug must necessarily start with screening a compound library. As screening technologies have improved, libraries are now optimized with purer compounds and fewer similar analogs. Compounds are well-characterized with respect to their drug-like qualities, toxicity, fluorescence interference, and structural data from studies of compound-target interactions. This information-rich compound profiling has enabled better identification of real hits.

Many labs still rely on more traditional primary screens of large, diverse compound libraries with broad coverage of the chemical space and an increased collection of target-focused compounds to ensure that they do not miss any relevant hits. Other labs are leveraging compound profiling, focusing on smaller libraries with compounds that have been optimized based on critical characteristics to ensure that the identified hits will have more promise of making it to market.

Molecular Devices provides products that support primary screening of large, directed libraries as well as compound profiling. Please use the links below to learn more about how we can support the success of your compound profiling efforts.

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